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Remote Teaching

Classes have begun for our first teaching project in Bangladesh, and we are very proud of our new students! 

We have teamed up with two Ph.D. students from Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences who are currently teaching subjects such as Math, Physics and Chemistry via Skype to  under-privileged kids in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is a developing country, and as such, there are high levels of class division between the wealthy and the poor. The wealthy can afford to send their children to private schools where they will receive higher quality education. These parents can also pay for extra help such as tutoring if their child is struggling with a subject. However, the majority of Bangladesh lives in poverty. These families must send their children to public schools that are extremely under-funded by the Bangladeshi government. Teachers are paid very little and each class is filled with too many kids. This causes many students to fall behind, and even drop out to start working dangerous, hard labour jobs since they have no education. This project is aimed at kids such as these - to help them have a better understanding of the core subjects that will be necessary in order to continue on into higher education and a better life. Our goal is to expand this project into other developing countries, but we will need your help. Please click here if you would like to donate to this project.